Leakage Detection & Monitoring

VonRoll Hydro - LOG 3000 mobile notebook correlator is an electronic device used for leak detection and accurately pinpoints the leak location in any material pressurized pipelines. When a liquid under pressure escapes from a pipeline it creates a sound pressure wave (leak noise) which travels along the pipe from the exit point.  The velocity at which the sound travels within the pipe depends mainly on the pipe diameter and material. 

The LOG 3000 correlators use two transmitters which are attached to the pipe on either side of the leak point. To perform a correlation, Innopipe certified operator will input the distance between the two sensors, and the pipe material into the base unit.  Each sensor records the sound and transmits this data to a base unit, which measures the time difference between the leak noise signals arriving at each sensor. From this data, the base unit can calculate the precise location and pinpoint the leak location.