About Us

INNOPIPE - The Trenchless Technology Specialist has been established in Hong Kong for over 18 years. Innopipe is an engineering contractor specializing in trenchless construction and rehabilitation of underground water and sewerage pipelines.  We offer skilled staff, project experience and capability to deliver a wide variety of infrastructure and monitoring solutions. Innopipe is committed to keeping abreast of technology and market trends through a network of equipment and material supply partners locally and internationally.

Innopipe aims to provide value services to our clients through the use of innovative, state of the art technologies and environmental friendly techniques.  Our team of professional engineers and technicians strive to employ construction techniques that will result in a safe and efficient execution of the works, with minimal disruption to the general public and least impact and damage to the environment.  In cooperation with our strategic alliance partners, we possess a unique blend and full range of trenchless construction techniques.