Towing head of Slipling PE Pipe

Rehabiliation of Dn750 40+ years old MS fresh watermain by Slipling technique using OD710 SDR17 HDPE pipe in Wing Hong Street

ePIPE - Epoxy Liner on Small Diameter Pipeline

ePIPE is approved for use for in-situ application for hot and cold domestic water contact in pipes having an internal diameter from 12mm (1/2") with a 2 hour return to service under the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)

Swagelining Insertion at launching Pit

Innopipe performing Swagelining Works for a Dn300 salt watermain under WSD Replacement and Rehabiliation Stage 1 - Contract No. 25/WSD/02 in Hoi Bun Road

Semi-Structural Rehabilitation

OD1100 SDR26 HDPE Pipe was used to rehabilitate DN1200 trunk main

Rehabiliation by Channeline Technique

Pipe Laser Profiling Services

Laser profiling inspection to determine the pipe formality and precise measurement of pipe internal diameter and area for the entire pipe cross section.

2013/2014 Gold Prize in Construction Industry Safety Award

2013/2014 Gold Prize in Construction Industry Safety Award

Innopipe enrolled in 2013/2014 Construction Industry Safety Award Scheme and won Gold Prize in the Minor Renovation and Mainenance Works category.

2013/2014 Gold Prize in Construction Industry Safety Award

Pipeline Rehabilitation

There are a number of different lining methods that can be used to rehabilitate pipes.  Innopipe adopted innovative state of art technologies to achieve a better return on client's investments in pipeline rehabilitation. 

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Pipeline Inspection & Condition Assessment

Innopipe review the pipeline inspection data and make specific recommendations for repair types, methods for rehabilitation or replacement based on the hydraulic capacity, structural condition and maintenance needs of each pipeline or manhole.

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Leakage Detection & Monitoring

Pipeline leaks can occur for a variety of reasons ranging from ground movement, corrosion and material failure. Leak detection can be performed in various ways, from simple visual controls during inspection through to computer-supported systems that monitor conditions, even for underground and undersea pipelines.

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