Pipeline Inspection & Condition Assessment

Aerial photography is a technique to take photos of the ground surface from an elevated position by aircraft. Due to the increased popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial photography is no longer limited to manned aircrafts. Innopipe offers professional aerial photography service in obtaining pictures of buildings and construction sites for the uses of project management and building inspection.

We are fully experienced on video recording services for construction project during design stage, construction stage and operation stage to facilitate inspection at non-accessible location. We have been involved inspection works for water mains laying and rehabilitation project for client’s proposal preparation and regular on-going project monitoring as per listed in the following;

Contract No.: 16/WSD/11

Replacement and rehabilitation of water mains, stage 4 phase 2 - submarine mains and associated works among Peng Chau, Sunshine Island and Hei Ling Chau

Contract No.: 1020EM12A

District cooling system (DCS) at kai tak development (KTD) phase III (Package A) - chilled water pipe laying works